Beginning June 2015 we will host a monthly repair workshop in a public space where we invite people to bring a broken object to fix based on a theme (you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts with us). It doesn’t matter if you’re a repair expert or a beginner, we encourage everyone to participate! However, If you’re not quite ready to get your hands dirty yet, come out one of our monthly events and learn some new repair techniques! We’ll also be hosting two storytelling nights in the fall, where you’ll have the chance to listen to speakers share their experiences related to repair and problem solving.

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire
June 6-7,  2015
10am - 6pm | PNE Forum
The Commons: Communal Repair 
February 16-20, 2015
Emily Carr  Concourse Gallery 
Mini Pop-Up Repair
April 5, 2015
2pm - 5pm | Prado Cafe Commercial