Pop-up Repair

On Saturday morning around 11 PM Jayde and I met up outside Prado Cafe on Commercial Street. I had brought my bike with me and the newly acquired (secondhand) wooden box was attached to the back. After purchasing two delicious cups of coffee we began sorting through the tools and materials we had brought with us and laid them out in the box.

Our main objective for the day was to see what reactions we got from people when we had the bike with the tools there and when we started doing some smaller repairs outside the cafe ourselves. To turn some extra heads we attached some yellow balloons to the bike setup. Never underestimate the effectiveness of balloons in sparking passersby’s interest!

Everyone we spoke with were excited about the project and to get a chance to share their own experiences related to repair. We had some insightful conversations that day about topics such as the importance of darning socks and how a red patch on a brown sweater can add beauty to the piece that wasn’t present before.