Lupii Fixer Fair

There should be a cafe like Lupii in every neighbourhood. We were excited to host our first event at a cafe that’s community-driven, cross-generational and zero waste in all respects. At the heart of Lupii is Lisa Papania, driven by her passion and love for connected, sustainable communities, she opened the doors to Lupii under a year ago. The cafe’s inception was a collaborative effort between makers supporting the circular economy, neighbours and Lisa’s family. Could there be a more perfect place for Repair Matters to set-up shop for a day?

It was the longest event we’ve ever held, on a Sunday in late December from 12-7pm with various repairs going on throughout the day including textiles, sewing machines, electronics and bikes. Community members got to chat with fixers or sip on lattes while their jacket zippers we reattached, lamp was rewired, toaster was fixed to toast on both sides again, sewing machine was re-calibrated, headphones were soldered to work again and so much more!

We left late in the evening feeling all warm and fuzzy with a huge appreciation for all that Lisa does. Beyond repair events, Lupii hosts music nights with local musicians, movie nights, homework help sessions, knitting nights and more. Hosting one of our events here made us realize that hosting any type of event in a cafe setting is something magical. You learn everyone’s name in the community, can sit down and have a conversation with anyone in the room making the place you live much more welcoming, safe and wonderful.

In 2015 we held several events with organizations that have strong ties to the neighbourhood they operate within. We have been asked to have regular events at many of these places and have struggled to determine whether we want to keep visiting more organizations and connecting with more people or setting up a stronghold in 1-2 communities. Our objective had always been to give as many people as possible access to repair resources by being in different communities across Vancouver, to facilitate this we’ve decided to develop a guide for people to start a repair community in their own city for places that we just cannot reach like White Rock for example.

We have been so humbled by the support we have received and the constant requests to come back and do another event or go somewhere new to start an event series. Thank you to everyone! Stay tuned for what’s coming up in 2016!