PHSA: Green Initiatives Program

In early December, we hosted an event at PHSA (Provincial Health Services Authority) as part of their Green Initiatives Program. We came in and facilitated electronics and textiles repairs during the organization’s lunch break. It’s interesting to see more and more organizations developing progressive corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that encourage employee engagement and positive impact in their community. The best CSR programs are those that are genuine and aim for benefit in their employees and community, and PHSA is doing both!

Having a “corporate event” was a unique opportunity to engage people in repair that are usually stuck in their day-to-day tasks and activities—to use their hands and have some fun solving a repair “problem”. It gets people away from their desk to engage with other employees and learn new skills; our recipe for success. Since PHSA is such a huge organization it also creates a space for employees to interact across departments and functions—people that may have never met before.

We are constantly reminded that fixers are everywhere around us and that organizations like PHSA have the opportunity to create repair themselves with or without facilitators such as ourselves. At the event, we met John who was eager to help fix whatever he could—together we fixed a electrical vegetable chopper! Putting our heads together enables the most successful and creative repairs—repairing is less fun when done alone.
We also encountered an interesting headphones issue, something we’ve never seen before! Generally, we are encountered with a cord that’s split and needs to be re-soldered with a new jack—this time around we found a broken/malfunctioning speaker, a nearly impossible fix. But, we learned through this unsuccessful fix, the steps that need to be taken to determine the root cause of a product’s problem; it’s not always what you think!

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