Repair Matters @ Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House

A week ago, we set-up at Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House at 5:30pm and waited for the community to come. For all the events we’ve held, it’s always a question of who will come, what they will bring and whether anyone will come and bring anything at all. The woes of being a new initiative. We were excited to have numerous members from the nearby community come and bring their broken things! To the credit of our talented repair heroes we were able to fix a lamp, sewing machine and troubleshoot a couple personal TVs and bike tire.

The magical thing about this event is we our sign-up sheet was full of names and phone numbers at the end of the night (usually it’s full of email addresses). We were able to meet new people and hear their stories facilitated by the network and community Cedar Cottage has created. Something obvious, but frequently forgotten is online promotion and social media cannot reach everyone who’d like to use your service and by reaching out to organizations and initiatives deeply ingrained in their communities, we were able to fix and meet with people we otherwise wouldn’t have.

One of the people we met at the event, Harry, told us about how he has fixed a DVD player with a rubber band and a turntable with some special tape. We’re always inspired by the people we meet and the stories we hear!

Until next time…!